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Where To Find The Best Opportunities For YOU!

With training complete, finding life coaching jobs and opportunities is now your priority. We  look at the various coaching niches or specialties you can work in.

The training is completed, the certificate is on the wall and now it's time to start earning a living from your life coaching skills.

You may decide to start your own coaching practice as a life, business or executive coach. 

Or, if you really want life coaching employment and the security of a "paid job" as a coach, the answer may be to find an internal coaching position with a large company.

As with everything in life coaching, there's lots to consider I'll aim to get you on the right track in these pages. 

Starting Your Own Coaching Business?

If you like independence, choosing your own hours and clients, then operating as an independent coach can work for you.  It's also good if you don't want to coach full time.  The downside is that, if it is to be your primary source of income, it can take a while to get know and get sufficient clients to support your lifestyle.

For this reason, and if you don't have a lot of financial capital and security is something you value, it is often wise not to just "jump ship" from your paying job, but to gradually introduce coaching into your work time.

You'll find these easy and affordable business marketing strategies for coaches really useful as well as some ideas for setting up your home office.

Finding a paid life coaching job

If you are looking for a corporate coaching job, you are far more likely to be asked about your coach training and Certification because the HR department may need a measure of your professional credibility to justify employing you.

Even if you haven't been credentialed by an independent coaching association, its' useful to take out membership. This shows you are a serious coaching professional.  Here's a list of associations you can join with a brief description of what they offer their members.

Recommended Reading

If you coach executives and employees or are working with small business clients, Managing Challenging Clients by Aryanne Oade will be an invaluable reference book.

It's about building effective relationships with challenging or difficult customers and the strategies and exercises she includes would be really useful to pass on to clients who are having challenges in this area.

Aryanne also provides many really specific, detailed and useful case studies of challenging client or customer situations.

She perfectly illustrates how they may have been badly handled and demonstrates a better way of dealing with them.

Matching a life coaching job with your experience

You may already know the area you want to specialize in, when working in a business or corporate environment. There is room for life coaches in just about every section of business.

However, if you are yet to enroll in a credible coach specific course, then look for a life coach training that includes modules that educate and relate to this niche.

For example you may want to ensure they include business and corporate modules. My page on Life Coaching Courses provides some important tips on finding the right, credible training course.

What is your background?

Hire me for Life Coachng Jobs

Your background could have an important impact in selecting where to apply for jobs and be considered for a position.

For instance, if you have a background as a nurse, then you will have a head start over other coaches if you apply for a position in the health industries. Same if you have managerial experience in the corporate world and apply to coach managers.

A colleague of mine recently secured a contract with a large Telco. Her 30 years experience working for that Telco before she become a coach put her way ahead of competing coaches and secured her the life coaching job.

So where appropriate, be sure to emphasize in your CV who you have worked with, the different cultures you have experienced and what you have done and achieved (even outside a business environment) that might give you an edge.

Niches where coaching job openings are available

Executive Life Coaching Jobs - through independent providers of coaching services (lots to watch out for here).
Employee Coaching - either directly as an independent coach or as part of a company initiative
Career Coaching - now used by many recruitment agencies to help people changing careers and in redundancy situations.

For other ideas on choosing your Business or Personal Coaching Niche, read  Niche Marketing
 for life coaches and consultants

Let people know you want a coaching job

The same colleague mentioned above had put her employment and coaching CV on an employment website where she was found by the Telco.

When posting your profile be sure to emphasize in your CV who you have worked with, the different cultures you have experienced and what you have done and achieved (even outside a business environment) that might give you an edge.

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