7 Creative Business Card Ideas
For Life Coaches And Consultants

These seven creative and cool business card ideas will make sure your card really does the job of marketing your coaching or consulting business.

Probably the most basic item among your Business Marketing Strategies is a business card.

It should be a tool to make you memorable to the people you connect with at networking functions, a party, or even on the train or plane.

Here are some tips to make sure your business card is not just a pretty face but informative and a real marketing tool:

1. So what do you actually do for your clients? As well as giving your name and contact details, your business card should actually says what you do and the benefit of working with you.

For instance Mary Jane, Life Coach – is pretty lifeless, but add “helping you make the best choices” or something similar, and listing what you offer, adds a different dimension for the person reading the card. You can learn more about creating a magic marketing message for your business card.

2. Make sure the writing on your card is easily readable: You may have a cool business card - an unusual shape with an eye catching logo and tiny white lettering on black or red or some other dark colour. But if you need a magnifying glass to read the message and contact details, the effect is lost because the card is not functional.

This is one of the things you have to be careful of if using a graphic designer - they may come up with a fabulous, unique business cards, but the colours and writing will render it difficult to read and almost useless as a functional marketing tool. Invariably when I've been handed such a card, I've discovered it has been designed by a professional. So use a graphic designer by all means but keep this point in mind when you are approving the card.

3. Leave some space for notes: If the person you are giving your card to is a good networker, then they will want to make a note on the card to remind them of any conversation you had or any follow up action they need to take. Make sure there is space to do this on the back of the card and that the stock you choose for the card has a surface that will accept a writing.

4. Make yourself memorable: The best way to do this is by incorporating a photo into your card. Now I know many people don't like this idea, but for something as personal as life coaching I think it has a distinct advantage.

Unique business card ideas

5. More ways to make your business card stand out from the crowd: You could choose a vertical design or cards that are not standard business card size or with an unusual shape such as square, round or even folded.

You might also want to consider a magnet business card with an inspirational message. I still have one on my fridge that says "Expect a Miracle".

But don't get too clever with this - your card needs to have contact details that are legible and easily fit into a standard business card folder so the person you give it to can keep it neatly and undamaged.

Also handing out a grubby dog-eared card is not good look, so invest in a business card holder to keep your cards looking fresh.  You'll find Amazon has a huge selection of cool and colorful business card holders for storing the cards you want to hand out.

6. Postcards and bookmarks are for keeps: Some of the best quality business card ideas are not actually cards, though they have the same marketing function. As a creative business card idea you could try a book-mark, or a postcard with added value to the receiver.

When I was marketing the original version of my book, Ready Set Goal!, I developed a postcard with my photo, branding and contact details on the front and some tips on goal planning on the back. 

It was a a much more effective marketing strategy than a simple business card and I still come across people who remember me from the card and have kept it.

As well as promoting my book first book (now superseded by Be Your Own Goals Coach) I found people were far more likely to keep a postcard.

7. Design your own business cards: When it comes to business card design, there are two options - use a graphic designer and get them printed, or design them yourself. I've been down both paths and these days I find the most economical and flexible way to go is with one of the companies that let you design your business cards on line and print and deliver them within a few days.

Amongst the many discount business cards on offer I use vista print business cards, and have found their system really easy to use to design my own cards with lots of business card idea for various industries and sample business cards to customize, including uploading my photo and a choice of stocks and finishes.

Were my Business Card Idea Useful?  Elevator Speech worth a look!

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